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Fantastic your creativity

Great Job on the procedural generation, were the enemies inspired by gungeon by any chance? Yes or No the similarity is a plus in my book.

Great job on getting procedural generation working during the jam period!


Your game is showing up on the front page, congratulations! I don't know if that's just for me because I participated in the jam, or what.

Good to see you learning new things, implement it for real, and create a complete game! Of course this is not perfect, like long empty corridors, enemies spawning outside of the playing zone, rooms without an entrance, so the room for improvement is huge. But this is a great start!


Nice that you reached your goals! Be proud to yourself. With a bit of polish it could be a really neat game. I always recommend to watch 

To learn something about juice in games :)
I think all of Jan's Tipps could help you to find a new challenge for the next jam.

Anyway. Good Job!
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Good Job on getting procedural generation working in a short time! I'd be interested to see how you did it, if you're interested maybe you could do a small dev blog on the process?

As other people have said, I think the scope may have been a bit too big for such a short game jam. But nevertheless I think trying out something like proc gen in a jam is a cool learning experience!

Playing this made me think of a few videos I really like on building games, I thought you might find them interesting too:

  • A talk on making 2D shooters feel cool: here
  • Creator of Spelunky on making games and a bit of procedural generation: here
  • Talk on making sound effects (I very much liked your shooting sfx :) ): here
  • Also if you're interested in a simple way of working on the visuals of your game I would recommend thinking a bit more about how you choose colors. Personally I found this video on the subject very helpful.

Hope some of them are useful to you and good job on the game :)

It might have been a little too ambitious for such a short jam, and it could have used some extra time just focusing on one aspect of the game to fix things like being able to walk off the edge of the map or that the bullets can bend around corners (or was that intentional?) Still, I like seeing some procgen in the jam.

A quick note on the audio: a lot of times for simple sound effects I've done things like record myself hitting a keychain against my desk. The voiced effects are great if you are trying to make it comedic, but I'm not sure if that was the intention?

Thanks for the feedback! The audio was voiced simply because I had 45 minutes left to build and do audio(I know bad time management) and had to do something quickly.

This was pretty fun!  Pretty cool to see random generation in a four day project, not easy to pull off.

The only comment I have on the gameplay itself is it took a few tries pressing "E" to access terminals, and it seemed like enemy bullets automagically track you and never vanish.  That being said, I was still able to "win" on my first try.

The sound effects are perfect for a jam game.  I giggled every time I right clicked. XD


Thanks for the feedback. Every comment I wish more and more I had time to use a software to make sound effects lol.

I mean hey, you had time for audio at all!  I was so busy trying to do programming stuff I haven't done before I couldn't even get cities to do more than trade food, nevermind get audio done. x3

I'm having a lot of fun playing this game! The random generation is a bit buggy, and I had to restart a few times due to the final room not being connected to the map, but the upgrade system is really rewarding and the combat in general is very satisfying. Great job!

Thanks for the feedback! You must have been really unlucky though. I’ve had it not connect the final room 2 times in a bout 50 tries yikes.

Maybe I'm just bad and couldn't find the entrance, but it happened to me on my second and third attempts. It isn't too much of an issue though since it doesn't usually happen often. 

Hooray! I won! ...After spending a lot of time running around forgetting I could reload lol. The sound effects were kind of funny! You did good with the random generation for the level design! Although it had some bugs, the fact that it actually made a working level is great! Good job!

Maybe you could even learn more about making mini-maps to make it easier to find your place!

Another thing I would like to add: You were asking on the discord for a review so I came to check it out!

One thing you might want to try next time you Jam is working on your presentation for the game on the webpage! On your cover image, you could maybe try to type out your game's title instead of just hand drawing it out!

The little things like that can make a huge difference on first impressions and get more views/comments! Also don't forget to comment on other people's Jam submissions as well!

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Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to add a mini-map but I ran out of time sadly. Also, the cover image I couldn't find the typing option in paint and there was like 5 minutes left to submit lol though I will change it now!

Oh yeah that can happen with Jams lol. I saw the new cover and it already looks a lot better!

Also, since I ran out of time to polish about 5% of the time ish the generated map won't have the end room connected so you can restart or stop if you want.