Hello, I am a 13 year old who loves to program. This is my second game Jam. My game is about a world of chickens and the stealing of their eggs. You have to tape the feathers you find on to yourself to be able to be part chicken and be partially connected to the chickens by wearing part of them. The feathers you wear / are connected to give you jumpiness and floatiness. Hope you enjoy my game!

Why does the ui look off?

Welcome to unity webgl its garbage.


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Did I won?!

Dude. This is great. I got 2 players after restart and wolf started glitching looks like double wolves on my screen, lol. 10/10

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well.... That never happened before.... lol. The wolf is actually a glitch I couldn't fix in time where when you stand under it in the first level it will go to walk as the raycast hits you and then get glitched. I don't know why I didn't just set it as an object that raycasts cant see. Anyways game jam bugs xD

NIce goodjob, I like how used your voice for the sound effect xD

Thanks for the feedback! I had no idea what to do with sound effects so I decided to just use my dumb squeaker voice for it lol.