Welcome to the end of the world! You are one of the last humans alive in our solar system. fight your way through the endless alien enemies to receive the highest score possible!!

Controls: W-A-S-D to move, Space to shoot.

Although our teamwork has proved solid and payed off, we have dealt with some struggles which deeply affected the outcome of our game. Our struggles included, but are not limited to, a 5 hour delay because of travel, alarms failing to go off this morning, and some severe bugs which took 3 hours to fix. Disregarding the struggles we faced, we would like to point out that if you wish to view any other content we have created in the past don't hesitate to visit the links below. That being said, thank you very much for playing our game!

Also, you may see yourself killing multiple enemies at once or occasionally them stacking. Don't worry their FEATURES


BEST PROGRAMMER AND ARTIST: c0d3d (https://c0d3d.itch.io/)

BEST MUSIC COMPOSER: Mr.FluffyFoley (https://soundcloud.com/dmitry-marcy)

P.S. Stay tuned within these next couple of days to hear the full official soundtrack at (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwNwKn0Nuf1uataaTB0m2yA?view_as=subscriber)


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thanks for the follow :)

Like the game, nice cam shake, music is nice, but the sound effect is to loud. I ran into a bug where the enemies would only move to the left off screen and not shoot. So am was in no danger, ended the game at 30 000 score hehe :)

I agree that the score should be more based on kills.

Apart from what was mentioned, there is a problem with background graphics when playing full screen. It's shifted to the right.

The score is displayed on top of enemies, which is a bit inconvenient. You can fix these issues easily.

The controls could also be improved. IMO WASD and mouse click or arrows and space would be a bit more convenient.

But overall, I like the gameplay, the graphics and sound FX with the soundtrack. Well done guys!

Fun game overall.  I enjoyed that you could destroy incoming projectiles.  It would have been interesting to maybe calculate the score based off how many enemies were killed rather than simply time. 


Thanks! I would have implemented the score based on enemies killed and score but I realized I should have done that after everything had been balanced and it wasn't worth re balancing.

Love the game music! I wish you would had expanded on the game more.

Overall, it is really a nice game.

Would have loved to but due to time constraints I couldn't

We are planning to incorporate more music in the final update for the game.