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thanks for the follow :)

Like the game, nice cam shake, music is nice, but the sound effect is to loud. I ran into a bug where the enemies would only move to the left off screen and not shoot. So am was in no danger, ended the game at 30 000 score hehe :)

I agree that the score should be more based on kills.

Apart from what was mentioned, there is a problem with background graphics when playing full screen. It's shifted to the right.

The score is displayed on top of enemies, which is a bit inconvenient. You can fix these issues easily.

The controls could also be improved. IMO WASD and mouse click or arrows and space would be a bit more convenient.

But overall, I like the gameplay, the graphics and sound FX with the soundtrack. Well done guys!

Fun game overall.  I enjoyed that you could destroy incoming projectiles.  It would have been interesting to maybe calculate the score based off how many enemies were killed rather than simply time. 


Thanks! I would have implemented the score based on enemies killed and score but I realized I should have done that after everything had been balanced and it wasn't worth re balancing.

Love the game music! I wish you would had expanded on the game more.

Overall, it is really a nice game.

Would have loved to but due to time constraints I couldn't

We are planning to incorporate more music in the final update for the game.