YOU ARE THE ANT. 18 Levels.

Controls: Up arrow for moving, right + left arrow for rotation, space for shooting. Intentional bug of not losing steps when pushing against walls.

The Idea: A puzzle game in which all enemies copy you. As the last ant alive you must establish your dominance in this puzzle-based mind game.

Theme Implementation: This is implemented via art and a couple of intentional bugs.

The Creation: This game was created for the Wowie Jam 2020. Due to odd time zones, we started brainstorming 15 hours late. Other than that it was relatively smooth sailing.

The Team:

Programmed by: Cedar Bishop and c0d3d

Menus by: c0d3d

Art by: BricksParts

Sound by: Lecricraft


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Sandy Antics - 24 MB


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This is very very good. Though I dunno if I abused the engine in the last level by pressing space and immediately moving left Haha!

Here's a gameplay critique video I made for Sandy Antics!